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Those who are happiest are those who do more for others 

Find the way to collaborate that suits your resources.


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Occasional volunteering
in sport events

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Constant volunteering in work teams

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Professional advice

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Financial collaboration

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Colabora: Puntual

Sport events are the soul of PLAYING. This is where we raise the funds that are then invested in educational projects


We need people to join the team and help us run every tournament


It is not necessary to attend all events.

We let you know when we need you and you come when you can.


Are you down to it?

Responsibility: low | Commitment: punctual

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Colabora: Equipos

 PLAYING's team is made up of young, authentic, close and committed people. 


We work in specialized teams. We choose our area, we give our best and we learn while we develop ourselves professionally with this opportunity to build a better world. 


Each profile is a world so we recommend that you take a look to the information we provide, submit the registration form, and attend one of our introductory meetings.


We are sure that after getting to know us better you will see where you fit in better.

Responsibility: medium or high | Commitment: continued

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Colabora: Asesoraminto

Do you have a lot of experience and knowledge that can help us 

but little time available?


In PLAYING we count on senior advisors from different fields, from cooperation to business, and due to their experience and careers help us manage the NGO short and long term


If you can support us in a specific field contact us.


Even if you are busy you may have time to grab a coffee and help us improve, right?

Responsibility: low, medium or high | Commitment: punctual or continued

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