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Dozens of sport clubs are part of this. 

What are we waiting for?

Find the way to collaborate that suits your needs and resources. 



Participation in sport events

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Concession of facilities for  sport events

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Donate part of the registration to an event










We move a lot of participants, but without a doubt this is thanks to the sport clubs that promote our events among their players.

We look for committed clubs to nimbly communicate the event among their players, to motivate and encourage them to participate. In this way we can keep growing, increasing the participation and the impact in the Gambia.

FUNCTIONING. Very easy. We will contact you as link between the club

and PLAYING. We will inform you about the next event and provide you the communication materials  (posters, flyers, etc.). You help us just by hanging the posters in your premises, handing out the flyers among your teams and uploading the poster to your social networks. With this three small gestures you are already helping to bring players to the courts and, therefore, to give a quality education to more children in the Gambia.

Do you help us communicate the next event?

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No matter how much we want to, if we have no sport facilities, we can't organize any event.

We look for sport clubs to offer us their facilities for a day to celebrate the sport event. Thanks to the clubs that selflessly offer their facilities we have managed to create the charity of sport.

FUNCTIONING. We settle the day with you, we arrive and do the set up, the event is held,

we pick everything up and we leave. Easy, fast and no extra work for anyone. Do you want to help us?

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% Inscripción evento

Are you organizing an event and you want to collaborate with a social purpose? Great idea!


From PLAYING we spread the word and make personalized communication material

for every sports event organized in collaboration with our Organization.

Transparency is our priority.


FUNCTIONING. If the collaboration is going to be public, there are two ways to do it:


A percentage from the participant's registration fee: we arrange the amount of each participant's registration fee that will be donated to PLAYING. In this way, the impact will be tangible communicating the participants what can be done in the Gambia with the money from their individual participation. 

“The XX% of the registration is donated to PLAYING and it allows a child to go to school for a week”

A fixed amount of the total raising:  we arrange a fixed amount to be donated to PLAYING regardless of the event's total raising. This allows us to previously know the impact of the total raising and communicate in advance the tangible collaboration in the Gambia thanks to the contribution that will be done.

“X.XXX€ donated to PLAYING to build a primary classroom for 30 students every year”

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Torneo interno

Do you want us to organize an internal solidarity party at your club without you having to do anything?

We can organize internal tournaments, contests for your players and celebrate it with music, bar and volunteers to manage the competitions. It is a pleasure to see how clubs, through sport, directly help our projects in the Gambia.



FUNCTIONING. We settle the day and the type of competition according to the facilities, the schedule and the number of players. We arrive and do the set up, the event is held,

we pick everything up and we leave.

Are you ready?

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