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Our vision

Our why

We believe it is time to change things. Right now, while you are reading this, there are more than 260 millions of children who do not have access to a quality education. This implies that millions and millions of families, communities, countries and continents see thwarted their development possibilities due to the lack of access to the same opportunities that the rest of the world has. 

Would it make sense that being aware of this inequality and knowing that we can change it, we would continue living our day by day in a constant automatic pilot not doing anything about it? 

PLAYING is a different charity.

A non-profit organization made up of young people. Some  in age and others in mind.

As young people we have a duty: to live with the commitment that our time on this planet helps to leave it better than we found it.

To this end, we have a life ahead of us to make PLAYING a different, committed, close and transparent charity. To  hybridly combine the best of the senior experience with  millennial freshness. To create a high social impact organization of which being proud to belong to and  that we can not stop talking about it in family meals, friends reunions and even to the passenger sitting next to us in the plane.

It is our maverick, optimistic, honest, enthusiastic and constant improvement spirit what is contagious and spreads throughout our team. 


Our mision

Our method

We work to drastically reduce the number of more than 260 millions of children who cannot go to chool every day, breaking down the existing barriers to build educational projects in which they themselves create their future.

We know the change is not generated overnight but we also know that:

"Many small people, in small places, doing small things can transform the world".

Thus, we wake up every day seeking excellence in the organization of solidary sports events, thanks to which we bring to life educational projects in developing countries. Also as athletes, we work as a team to organize more and better tournaments with more participants, to achieve bigger funds, to invest in better projects that allow the access to education to more children in this world. 

As good athletes, we know that our competition is not against anyone but ourselves so that today we have a better world than yesterday's. And this is not about creating great things.

Not at all. The magic that makes true that PLAYING can allow the access to an education every day to more children in this world is to assume that it is not necessary to do extraordinary things. We seek to put all our love and affection to every ordinary thing in life. 

We think that organizations and goals are pretty good. But we share the philosophy that everything is created based in the human team that makes it up. In PLAYING we achieve our goals thanks to the incredible human team we are lucky to be. The key of our machinery.

Good people. Of the real ones. Yes, being part of a social project is pretty cool. But you can't be halfway a good person. PLAYING is nourished by a human team that says good morning even if it's not a good day, people who give their best in the worst times.

People that look with smiles on the eyes. Proactive, enthusiastic and motivated people infected of PLAYING's essence. Ordinary people. Of those that give up their seat in the bus or hold the door on the way out. PLAYING is made up by tens of annonymous heroes. People that comprehend, take care and inspire every day of the year. People that love this project. 

Inevitably, this is expanded to every area of the organization. We try to transfer our values to our day by day as a charity. We walk away from pity or fault. We opt to turn it into responsibility. Making the society not the viewer but the actress of the masterpiece directed from PLAYING with the greatest of our passions. 


This is why we won't ask you money, nor show you the deepest miseries to reach your already oversaturated and full of dramas heart. We have already said that PLAYING is different. We give it a twist and we say to you, athlete, come to our next tournament with your good vibes, and for a whole day of competition with sweat - and sometimes with tears - make possible that more children have access to a quality education.

Because with PLAYING, if you play, everyone wins.

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